New Moon Cycle

  • What's with the new moon cycle?
    • Making the remedy from one new moon to the next are the instructions I was told to do. When making a tincture from one new moon to the next, it's said the the gravitational pull between that time frame helps to create a stronger remedy.

  • What if I can't press and bottle the remedy until AFTER the new moon?
    • I think that would be just fine. What's important is that the remedy has that one day where it sits outside, and it has steeped in the solution, within the jars, for at least that 4 week time period between one new moon to the next.

  • When is the next New Moon?
    • Just look it up.  Google: "When is the next new moon?"
If you have any other tips / suggestions that will help others regarding the new moon cycle, please do leave a comment in the comments section below. 

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