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Where can I purchase the herbs for the remedy?
Why shouldn't I use Starwest Botanicals for the Olive Leaf?
  • When I first put this recipe together I ordered Olive Leaf from Starwest but found that the strain of the olive leaf I purchased from them wasn't strong enough. Something wasn't right with it. HOWEVER, I recently purchased more from them and it WAS the right strain. If purchasing olive leaf from Starwest make sure it is NOT the strain that comes from Egypt - this was the one that didn't work. 
What if I can't find German Chamomile?
  • If you find a different type of Chamomile, pray over whether or not the one you're considering will work just fine. 
What if, after tincturing the herbs, the herbs get really thick inside the jar and doesn't even shake around?
  • Agrimony and milk thistle are the two herbs that tend to soak up a lot of the alcohol. If your bottles of agrimony / milk thistle get too thick take some of the herb out of the jar and add in more alcohol until the herb has room to slosh around inside the jar a bit better than before. 
Do I need to use ORGANIC herbs?
  • It would be best to do so, if you can. 

Do I use just the yarrow leaves or yarrow leaves AND flowers?
  • Yarrow leaves and flowers works great!
What heat of cayenne should I use?
  • We used cayenne that is 35,000 HU

Please leave a comment in the comment section below if there are any other topics I should clarify regarding the topic of HERBS that would be helpful to others as they make the recipe.


  1. I made the recipe for the 2nd time. I did some extra yarrow tinture. I still only got about 75 of the tinture #1 and 95 of tinture #2. I have 2 friend that also made the remedee. They got about the same quanity as me.. I dont see the 110 doses. We all were very exact in following the recipe.

    1. We got 102 sets. I believe the difference comes primarily from the pressing. We did it by hand, and I am so grateful for my husband's muscles!

  2. Dear Claudia,
    I'm about to order the herbs for my group's endeavor, and I need to know what heat to order with the cayenne powder--40,000, 60,000, 90,000. What is your suggestion, please?

    1. Thank you so much, Claudia! We have purchased nearly everything else that we need. I'll get this ordered, and we'll be ready for March 27th. I wish there were other options in your "Reply as:" because I have a name, but no URL, I don't know what AIM or LiveJournal, etc. mean. But, on behalf of my little group in Sandy, and me, I thank you for your inspiration and devotion to Heavenly Father!

  3. If ordering from Mountain Rose Herbs, order more than 25 pounds and you get 25% off the herbs.

  4. I can't find german chamomile that has been cut and sifted. All of the places that I have looked has it in whole or powdered form. Any help would be appreciated.