Pressing the Herbs

What's the best way to press the herbs?
  • Using a fruit/ tincture press of some kind is absolutely the BEST way to make sure you get as much of the remedy as possible. Here's the tincture press we use - but there are many out there and they may be smaller and less expensive. 
TSM Products Stainless Steel Harvest Fruit and Wine Press, 14-Liter

Here's an option that would probably be best for making the full recipe - this tincture press is only $50 and is large enough to squeeze out at least a jar or two of the herbs at a time and will help ensure you squeeze out as much of the medicinal fluid from the herbs as possible:

Can I just press the herbs by hand?
  • Yes, you can but it does take a lot of muscle work and you won't get as much out of it as you could with a press. Wear latex-free gloves to protect your hands from the harsh effects of the alcohol. 
What if I don't come out with EXACTLY 110 sets like the recipe says?
  • The amount of bottles that each batch makes always varies from batch to batch. The 110 sets is an approximate number. If you're using a tincture press, you should get very close to this number. If you're pressing the herbs by hand, you'll probably get less. 

If you know of any other tincture presses that aren't quite as large or as expensive as the one above, please do leave a comment in the comments section below to help others with the tincture making process. 


  1. I used a stainless steel hand ricer ordered from Amazon to press the burdock root. That was the hardest! Very inexpensive and it takes awhile because it doesn't hold much at a time, but it is an option.
    I had my 3 grown daughters helping me, and we used a cut up sheer curtain panel for the straining cloth. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU HEM THE CLOTH BEFORE STRAINING AS IT WILL FRAY. We squeezed the liquid out by hand, except for the burdock root. (my hands burned for 3 days because I forgot the Cayenne pepper would burn!!!!) It was really hard to do, very time consuming, and very tiring!! I would have gladly paid $50.00 for the press if I could have found it. I researched and could not find anything!!

  2. If you cannot find an herb press, a cheese press will do the same. Absolutely wear gloves to avoid contact with the cayenne & alcohol.

  3. There are some options on Amazon. I think any will do right? Also I didn't see a step including the cayenne other than adding some to the yarrow?